Our suite of technologies addresses the core issues of drug efficacy such as bioavailability and onset of action. By utilising our OroMist platform, that uses a combination of proven proprietary and known technologies, we focus on optimising solubility, stability, permeability and palatability of our oral spray formulations.

SUDA has an extensive knowledge of proven techniques to improve solubility including novel solvent systems, particle size reduction and solid dispersions as well as permeability enhancers and taste masking.


Oral Mucosa

The oral cavity is an attractive site for the delivery of drugs. The oro-mucosal membrane is readily accessible to patients and/or carers, the high vascularisation can promote a faster onset of action and can reduce or avoids the hepatic and intestinal degradation mechanisms.

The oral mucosa is the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, which includes the tongue, cheeks, palate and gums. Drug delivery within the oral mucosal cavity is classified into five categories:

  1. local delivery, which is drug delivery into the oral cavity;
  2. sublingual delivery, which is systemic delivery of drugs through the mucosal membranes lining the floor of the mouth;
  3. buccal delivery, which is drug administration through the mucosal membranes lining the cheeks (buccal mucosa);
  4. lingual delivery is drug administration over the tongue; and
  5. gingival delivery is drug administration through the gums.

SUDA’s hydrotrope technology speeds up the absorption rate by covering the particle and ensuring a more efficient passage through the mucosa into the bloodstream.


SUDA’s proprietary OroMist® oro-mucosal technology can deliver a broad range of drug classes through either the cheeks, gums, tongue or floor of the mouth. The technology is compatible with, and patented for, use in either pump (air-activated) or aerosol (propellant-driven) spray systems, and can be provided in either multi-dose or unit containers based on the medical need and marketing requirements for each product.

Drug delivery via the oral mucosa can minimise dose variation related to gastrointestinal tract motility, stomach emptying time, food effects, tablet/capsule disintegration and dissolution and enzymatic or chemical degradation in the gut. Due to decreased degradation, metabolism and higher absorption, oral sprays often permit the use of a lower dose of the active ingredient compared with tablet formulations of the same drug, potentially reducing the risk of adverse drug reactions.



SUDA’s proprietary permeation-enhancing technology is based on novel combinations of hydrotropes. Hydrotropes are broadly defined as a class of compounds able to increase the aqueous solubility of sparingly soluble solutes. They are structurally defined as a molecule consisting of a polar and a non-polar end able to aggregate but unable to form micelles.

SUDA has discovered that certain hydrotropes combinations form a complex with the certain active drug types, thus providing lipophilicity and enhancing permeability.









Once the drug has passed through the mucosa, the hydrotrope releases the drug into the bloodstream where it is rapidly absorbed