The evolution in drug delivery technology

Pills, capsules and tablets are not an efficient way for a patient to take medication. Only about 25% of the drug actually reaches the place it needs to be due to drug metabolism, food affect, first pass metabolism, enzymatic degradation, and other factors.

Patients, typically, want:

  • a lower dosage of their medication,
  • faster onset of action and
  • less side-effects.

The evolution of drug delivery technology is to increase the bioavailability, or absorption, of the drug from 25% to as much as 95% through a simple spray into the mouth.


Our solution

SUDA addresses all these patients’ needs through the administration of an easy-to-use, oral spray (OroMist® Technology) of a reformulated drug, which is sprayed onto the inner lining of the cheek, known as the mucosa.

Our delivery method provides enhanced tolerability, less side effects and a faster onset of action. For the patient, it is simple and effective.

We also provide benefits to Physicians by providing a dosage form that has the ability to improve patient compliance and drug safety.

And for our Partners, we provide the ability for new or extended patent life.

Sumatriptan: quick relief for migraine

One of the issues with someone who has pain is that they want quick relief. Effective treatment is not just complete resolution of pain but rapid resolution of pain, so this is a faster way for the medication to be effective. Its administration is also more convenient than a nasal spray or getting a tablet out and pouring it into water and drink it …’ – Neurologist