Scientific Advisory Board Members


Professor Fox has worked with large pharma included Glaxo Inc. in North Carolina, where he led the US clinical development of oral, intranasal and subcutaneous sumatriptan (Imitrex®; Imigran®) for migraine and cluster headache. Professor Fox has published many research papers concerning migraine therapies, pharmacokinetics, and other relevant topics.

Dr Roger Cady has been instrumental in developing the early intervention paradigm for the treatment of acute migraine. He has authored/co-authored over 250 peer-reviewed articles, and in particular, he was the leading author on the paper in JAMA that was the first to describe the therapeutic properties of sumatriptan in a sound, large-scale clinical trial.


Erectile Dysfunction

Dr Pullman is a physician with over 25 years’ global experience, handling small molecules and biotechnology products across all phases of drug development. He has co-authored several scientific papers and contributed to numerous abstracts and presentations for several International Societies. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians.

Associate Professor Eric Chung is the current Chair of the Andrology Group in USANZ and serves on many national advisory committees and international organisations. His main areas of interest are urinary dysfunction and reconstructive prosthesis, as well as male sexual and reproductive surgery.



Dr Richard Franklin has worked for several major drug companies including Glaxo, Wyeth, Sterling Winthrop, & AstraZeneca. Latterly he was head of New Product Innovation (small molecules) at Shire Pharmaceuticals where he is credited with filing over forty patents on potential new drug products. During his career he has published over sixty scientific papers and was associate editor of the journal, Xenobiotica, for some ten years. He is a past chairman and secretary of the European Drug Metabolism Discussion Group.

Professor Stephen Watson British Heart Foundation Professor in Cardiovascular Sciences and Cellular Pharmacology, University of Birmingham. Professor Watson is head of the Birmingham Platelet Group which undertakes a multidisciplinary approach to the investigation of platelet function in health and disease with a special focus on platelet receptors and their signalling pathways. He was awarded the Order of Phlebology Medal: Australian College of Phlebology Award of Excellence for Basic Science Research in Thrombosis and Haemostasis.