About Us

SUDA Pharmaceuticals Ltd (SUDA) is a world leading pharmaceutical company focussing on delivery of drugs across the oral mucosa using its proprietary OroMist® technology. The Company is publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: SUD) and headquartered in Perth, Western Australia.

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Our Mission:

SUDA Pharmaceuticals is leading the evolution of drug delivery to improve the health and lifestyle of the global community by providing new, high-quality, innovative, oro-mucosal sprays of pharmaceutical products to assist in the treatment of various conditions.


To achieve our mission, we ask ourselves 2 fundamental questions:

  • what is the added value of this product? and
  • what does this product do better when compared to what we already have or is available on the market?

Whilst we expect to demonstrate bioequivalence in the case of reformulated products, we also look for:

  • improved safety and efficacy profiles;
  • quicker onset of action;
  • ease of use results in a more convenient product that results in better patient compliance; and
  • improvements that will contribute to increase the rate of therapeutic adherence and facilitate reimbursement.