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    SUDA Licences Ground-breaking iNKT Cell Therapy Technology From Imperial College London

    Who We Are

    SUDA Pharmaceuticals Ltd (SUDA), based in Australia, is a world leader in reformulating and delivering medication through the oral mucosa.

    Patients typically take medication as pills, tablets or capsules yet less than 25% of the medication is absorbed into the bloodstream.

    SUDA can increase the bioavailability of administered medications, which means it increases the amount of the drug absorbed by the body so is able to increase the effect of that drug.

    SUDA has increased bioavailability up to 95%. This is a major step forward in the evolution of drug delivery technology.


    Introducing OroMist® Technology

    There are many factors that affect the bioavailability of pills, tablets and capsules: drug metabolism, food affect, first pass metabolism, enzymatic degradation, and others.

    SUDA’s technology overcomes these factors by changing the drug delivery so that is absorbed directly into the blood stream through the oral mucosa.

    As delivery of the drug becomes more efficient, then the benefits for the patient include:

    • Faster onset of action
    • Lower amount of drug required
    • Reduced side effects
    • Increased patient compliance


    Products and R&D

    SUDA focuses on the FDA’s 505(b)(2) program in the US and through Europe’s equivalent Chapter 10(3) legislation. Both require significantly less time and lower investments in direct research and development expenditures as we are able to leverage off the innovator’s drug approval data.

    SUDA’s approved product is ZolpiMist™, a treatment for insomnia. ZolpiMist is US FDA approved, cherry-flavoured, oro-mucosal spray formulation of zolpidem tartrate.

    SUDA’s research and development of oral spray medications is performed in-house and through co-development arrangements. All projects in development are based on the same concept of increasing bioavailability to improve patient benefit.

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    Contact Us

    To contact us for more information & enquiries about:

    • developing products by reformulating existing drug products >>; or
    • customising formulation development specifically for industry partners>>; or
    • acquisition of novel compounds that are amendable to oro-mucosal spray technology>>

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