Company Update


The Board of SUDA LTD is pleased to provide the following update to our shareholders.ART004 We have been informed by ProtoPharma that the clinical trial database was locked at the end of February. The locking of the database occur s after all the clinical trial data has been received, queries resolved and issues addressed. The database, now that it is locked, cannot be altered in any way. ProtoPharma will now complete the writing of the draft clinical trial report. We will inform you of any further update.

ArTiMist™ Manufacturing

Therapex manufactured the first of the 10,000 unit commercial stability batches in late February. The batch was held and filled over an extended period to mimic large scale production conditions. The batch is currently under going quality testing and upon the successful completion of this testing a further batch of 10,000 units will be manufactured. Upon completion of these batches the samples will be placed on a commercial stability program to assess and confirm that the long term stability of the commercial batches is the same as the developmental and clinical batches.


We are pleased to inform you of the release of our new website The website, whilst still being updated, has been designed to provide shareholders and interested parties with the ability to review our projects and to also provide education regarding the process of drug development and the markets that we are targeting. We have included a glossary of terms and acronyms to further assist you in understanding the business that we are in. The website will allow shareholders, potential investors and partners to easily contact the company and ask questions. A key aspect in the development of the website was to provide a confidential portal for sharing of information to potential partners through a secure “back-end” web page system. This will be a very important tool as we move forward. The website design enables SUDA management to update the information on a real-time basis so that we will be able to keep you more thoroughly informed in the future.

NovaDel Pharma Inc Asset Acquisition

SUDA and NovaDel continue to work to finalise the Sale and Purchase Agreement and will provide further updates as they occur. Westcoast Surgical and Medical Supplies (Westcoast) Westcoast continues to develop, consolidate and grow its business and we are now seeing a number of new contracts starting to yield fruit. The process has taken longer than expected but we are now beginning to see the longer term potential for the company becoming a reality. Westcoast management is positive about the future of the company and the SUDA Board is supportive of the plans and activities that Westcoast has already implemented and continue to implement in its ongoing strategic business improvement process.


SUDA is moving to new premises during the month of April. We will be moving to larger offices that will allow for the potential growth of the company over the next few years. Our contact details will remain generally the same and we will update our website once we have moved.