Diversity Policy


SUDA Pharmaceuticals Ltd (SUDA) is committed to the principles of diversity. Diversity includes gender, age, ethnicity and cultural background.

The Company is committed to creating an environment conducive to the appointment of well-qualified employees, senior management and Board candidates so that there is an appropriate diversity to maximise the achievement of corporate goals.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Equal Opportunity Policy (HR0004).

Specifically, SUDA will develop and maintain effective procedures in relation to:

a)    Implementing the Diversity Policy with measureable objectives.

b)    Promoting a corporate culture which embraces diversity when determining the composition of employees, senior management and the Board, including recruitment of employees and Directors from a diverse pool of qualified candidates.


a)    The Board and CEO
The ASX recommends the implementation of a Diversity Policy. Management has the responsibility for ensuring that diversity recommendations are upheld in their organisations.

b)    Managers
Managers are responsible for implementing SUDA’s Diversity Policy and inclusion of initiatives to promote diversity within their portfolios. They are also responsible for evaluating, monitoring and reporting non-compliance with the policy.

c)    Employees
It is the responsibility of all individuals to ensure that the principle of diversity is upheld at SUDA.


a)    SUDA is currently too small a company to actively encourage the recruitment of a diversity of its staff, including the participation of women. There are no measureable objectives at this stage. The policy of recruitment is based on the SUDA Appointment of Staff Policy (HR0005).

b)    SUDA is to develop a program that assists in the development of a broader pool of skilled and experienced Board candidates. The Company will encourage development of skills relating to career advancement through enrolments in relevant external courses as well as internal mentoring programs.

c)  The Board is to encourage further transparency of processes, reviews and appointments.

d)    The Board is to review its Diversity Policy on an annual basis.


SUDA will disclose the measureable objectives for achieving gender diversity and progress towards achieving the measureable objectives.

The Company will disclose in each annual report the proportion of women employees in the SUDA Group, women in senior executive positions and women on the Board.