WELCOME TO SUDA Pharmaceuticals Ltd


SUDA Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a drug-delivery pharmaceutical company focused on oro-mucosal administration. The Company is publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: SUD) and headquartered in Perth, Western Australia.

Our business model is based on the development of low-risk pharmaceuticals using novel formulations of existing drugs that are off patent. We re-formulate these drugs to provide patentable products or line extensions for existing franchises.

Our proprietary OroMist® drug delivery platform has broad potential to enhance many classes of existing drugs. We have established a rich pipeline of drug candidates in various stages of development, and we will continue to expand the pipeline through the application of our oro-mucosal technology and also through acquisitions.

We aim to create value for our shareholders through the commercialisation of better medicines and to fulfil our aspiration to improve the life of many people.